A Tale of Two Mamas

February 20, 2013

14 months, 4 1/2, and 8.

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It’s been ages since I’ve updated! I’m sorry!! The kids are getting so big. I love that they are getting bigger but hate that I’m losing my babies.

Graem has turned into a surly teenager who acts like she’s on the bring of emotional disaster every other day. She’s giving us attitude and it’s quite the shock because up until now she’s been such a sweet girl. GIVE ME BACK MY BABY!?!?

Emmy is doing great. Her services have been discontinued and the girl is hilarious. She says the funniest things and I can tell she’s my kid because she’s already blaming her farts on other people.

Keane is becoming his little own person. He loves his sisters and his boobies. He’s still a pretty happy boy. However, I wish he’d sleep a little better! We are all exhausted over here. He’s getting four teeth now and been waking up every 20 minutes or so.

November 8, 2012

We’re UP!

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Thanks to little and big daddy for fixing the website! Don’t know how in the hell it was broken but it’s nice having some good boys that offer incredible tech support!

Emmy had a half day today and they are both off Friday and Monday. AUGH!?! What to do with all of these children?

June 21, 2012

Sometimes it’s hard…

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to forget.

I haven’t posted on this website for a while. Quite honestly, I haven’t followed up much on the selective reduction that took place over a year ago.

I really haven’t known how to put it into words. What I can say…

I think about it often. Almost every day.

I’m sad.

I question whether I made the right decision. What if I was suppose to have triplets? Twins? What would they have looked like? Would they have been as sweet as Keane?

Would they all have survived birth? Would they have special needs?

I don’t know. I’ll never know.

A few weeks ago I watched the birth video again. The doctor used a term that referred to Keane’s umbilical cord. Essentially, his cord attached to the placenta in a weird way. That’s why he was so small. He wasn’t getting 100% of the nutrients he needed to grow.

This is very common for multiples and typically leads to multiples growing at different rates.

When Keane was first born I went to a therapist and talked about the sadness I was feeling. She helped me realize that I have a perfect baby boy and who knows what would have happened.

Even though I *know* this…

I’m still sad.

6 months old.

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We are 5 days out…but I’m about to have a 6 month old little boy. I really can’t believe it.

So much has happened in six months.

Keane is still the sweetest little man ever. He smiles constantly at strangers and when she smiles his whole body wiggles. He has the longest eyelashes too! I swear they have grown over the past few days.

He is in the process of getting the bottom two teeth and they are just about to break the skin. THe past few nights have been unbearable! He’s so grumpy and just wants a nipple to be in his mouth at all times.

I really can’t complain though. During the day he’s pretty easy and really goes with the flow. He’s such a loving baby and just wants to be held all the time.

Of course, we don’t mind doing that! But he’s getting to big for the baby bjorn. I think it’s time to move on to another carrier!

I love being a mama to these kids. I still can’t believe I have three of them!? How lucky am I? I look back on the past infertility posts and had you told me I’d have three children after all of this…I would have laughed.


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Emmy’s FOUR years old! I can’t believe my baby is four. Shocking, really.

She’s such an incredible little girl. Each day she says something funny and makes us laugh. Right now she’s going to daycare three days a week. We are still trying to get her into the local pre-k program. So far she hasn’t been accepted.

I think she’ll have a fun time learning. She really wants to read like Graem too. So I think she’ll probably pick up on it quickly.

We took her for the 4 year old annual check up and she’s grown so much this year!

Emmy still adores Graem and the two of them are best friends. Most days they get along and play together perfectly.

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